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The Monkey Mind And Meditation

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
         The Monkey Mind And Meditation     Some may find the term, “monkey mind”, upsetting, derogatory, and insulting. That is a shame, as the point is completely lost, the ego is involved, and a natural human defense goes up. After all, we are supposed to be the “king of the primates,” aren’t we?   The first time I heard the expression, “monkey mind” being used in regard to meditation, I thought of Swayambhunath Stupa, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sometimes, this is called, the “monkey temple,” and it made me laugh to myself, as monkeys need supervision in human ... Read More

I Have Made The Decision Not To Criticize

Sunday, January 14, 2018
I Have Made The Decision Not To Criticize Anyone   For additional information  Click Here       "I have made the decision not to criticize anyone  - including myself."    Many years ago there was a study that concluded that approximately ninety-nine percent of all babies in the world operate at what is called "Genius Level" for the first year and a half to two years of their lives. Each one of us must go through this learning curve in order to discover that we can actually control our hands and feet and you actually see little babies looking at their h ... Read More


Saturday, January 13, 2018
Opportunity Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive impact - no matter how great or how small.  I want to hear what you've done today/yesterday that you are proud of - that you know made a small (or great) difference!  ~ Bryan Shumway     ?? Life is an amazingly beautiful journey of opportunities. It begins with the knowing that you have a heart, and whatever desires belong to that heart,can be fulfilled using the mind. ?? You can absolutely achieve anything you want! Things you may have never thought were possible for you...Experiences of all kinds, whether it's work, family, rela ... Read More

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