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One of my fav posts ??@worldoffreedompd @worldoffreedompd - Gratitude is the highest frequency You can tune in to if you want to attract wonderful things in to your life. Start by taking stock of everything you have now and appreciating it deeply, remember to give more of yourself, whether it be time, advice, love and support to those around you. When you dream, look past that dream to something even better for yourself and even for others. Don't forget to take better care of your body, mind and soul, get enough rest, eat a bit better than you have been, do things that are exciting and fuel your passions. The only person in this life you need to impress is yourself, self love follows through to every aspect of your life. Be Kind, Compassionate and practice empathy - when you learn to appreciate differences in opinion/perspectives you grow even larger and brighter. Forget about making comparisons, you are as unique as your thumbprint and so is the other person, you can only have your version of bliss so learn to be satisfied with that and let go of past traumas and by all means don't even bother with current fears as those are only illusions of perceived harm that your brain projects in order to keep you one step ahead of the game. Forgive yourself during this time, as well as any others who you perceive have wronged you. Life is only happening through your decisions and actions. Stay committed to your goals and believe that everything is always working out for the highest good of all. No excuses - the story you tell yourself about anything is the key. As Mohamed Ali once proclaimed "I hated every minute of training, but I said - Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion." Love yourself more each day by being grateful for your life and your relationships, everyone is operating at their own level awareness and may not necessarily be on yours, give love when in doubt, as the love you receive is in direct proportion to the love you give. - #regrann - #regrann

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5 Steps To The Best Version Of...YOU

Monday, January 8, 2018 at 12:00 AM

5 Steps To The Best Version Of...YOU

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Changing Your Results Is An Inside - Out Job, Look Inside First 

At the core of personal development/growth is self-awareness and understanding. Transformation is about shifting beliefs and life-long programming rather than simply stabbing at symptomatic issues.

5 Steps To Your Best YOU

Developing your Five Areas of Self will power your journey towards personal development and growth.

1. Self-Love

We are taught to “love our neighbor as we love our self”. I will tell you this, your love for others cannot and will not exceed the love you have for yourself. To love others without loving yourself is an act of lack and desperation that is just screaming for someone’s approval. As a result, it says more about your needs than the needs of othersSometimes wanting the best for others can involve being uncomfortable and even pain. Wanting the best for yourself means becoming very real and truthful with yourself. And who, at times, hasn’t found that to be highly uncomfortable and painful? Be self-loving instead of self-serving.

Why do you think we are told during the safety instructions on any flight  to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others? You’ll be of no assistance to anyone without it. You cannot give what you do not have.

2. Self-Awareness

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is not always as easy as it sounds. Understanding our own strong areas and weak areas is not an option on our path to personal greatness. If we want to create our desired results, then we must be able to manage our thoughts and feelings in ways that energize and drive those results.

Research has shown us that a person's IQ accounts for only about 20 percent of their success. Thoughts and feelings account for much more than that. If we do not notice and become aware of our thoughts and feelings, then they will end up controlling our actions in very negative ways. Self-awareness means that we are growing in our ability to notice what we are noticing and read our feelings accurately. This gives us the ability to shift and manage any negative thoughts and feelings. Mastery of
our thoughts and feelings are absolutely necessary in personal development and growth.  Become self-aware instead of self-conscious. 

3. Self-Motivation

If you are waiting on someone else to motivate you, you will be waiting a long time to grow and develop. Personal Development and Growth is an inside job. Some days go better than others, however, always give the best version of yourself... every day. Anything less than your best will leave you stuck right where you are, feeling unfulfilled and regretful.

Motivation and Focus are the underlying reasons why a person does or does not do something. A person's natural interests are far more powerful than the stick and carrot motivation. This raises the level of someone's engagement and productivity. It’s about understanding your thoughts and feelings and drawing on your natural sense of wonder. Be self-motivated instead of self-absorbed.

4. Self-Affirmation

We all know it is not polite, healthy, nor positive to speak against or gossip about others. It is even much more destructive and negative when we speak against ourselves. Self-affirmationis a matter of choosing what we will focus on. We would never allow others to talk to us the way we sometimes talk to ourselves, we would not be around them. It can become very easy to degrade and belittle ourselves, sometimes even subliminally. Instead of allowing circumstances and others to decide what you will focus on, keep that your choice.

Words that choke you out include: You’re no good… lousy… stupid… unable… ordinary… worthless. Words that affirm? I am lovable… forgivable… capable… have strengths… am multi-talented… have purpose. The world can be a negative place. Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the toxicity of it. Be self-affirming instead of self-degrading.

5. Self-Differentiate

The key to healthy living is knowing where you end and others begin. You have to understand that when people get together, they create an energetic force field. This force field is quite powerful. It can cause people to get entwined with others and fall into a group-thinking mentality, or what some refer to as following the herd. The other extreme is, it can cause someone to disconnect from others and lose important feedback chains, which are key to learning and growing. One extreme leads to a sense of helplessness, the blame game, rationalization, bargaining, denial, co-dependency and victimhood.

Self-differentiation, allows us to take full responsibility for who we are and where we are at. Responsibility is the ability to respond. This usefully powerful skill gives us increased freedom and choice. It strengthens our mind's immune system to the actions and opinions of others. To not do this is to become the victim of needless suffering. Practice how to self-differentiate instead of having self-pity. 

These Five Areas of Self tools will help you discover and express what it is that you want. They all lead to clearer communication and help you to avoid drama, regret, stress, sadness and misunderstandings. Personal Greatness is not possible without you Self.

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