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Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive impact - no matter how great or how small.

 I want to hear what you've done today/yesterday that you are proud of - that you know made a small (or great) difference! 

~ Bryan Shumway



?? Life is an amazingly beautiful journey of opportunities.

It begins with the knowing that you have a heart, and whatever desires belong to that heart,can be fulfilled using the mind.

?? You can absolutely achieve anything you want!

Things you may have never thought were possible for you...Experiences of all kinds, whether it's work, family, relationships, health, whatever it is that you decide you want to experience. Your capacity for building and molding these desires is unlimited.

?? What are you longing for?

Do you remember what it was like when you were a child?
When things were infinitely possible in your imagination?
When you sat with your toys or were reading or drawing? 
Do you remember having visions of all of the things you would love to do, to be and to have in your life? 

?? You can still have those things. 

Do you remember how it felt to be so imaginative? How alive it felt? How unconcerned you were with the probability of it happening or the how? You just knew that you wanted it and you pretended to be that person and acted out that role? 

Deep within us that childlike innocence still resides. It is a very powerful gift that we are given that slips from our reach as we become older and exposed to the learnt voice of internal criticism, which is developed through negative experiences. So we lock away that child like part of ourselves. The part of us that knows that all things are possible, loves to dream and think big, and doesn't care how we're going to get it. We just know we can have what we want. 


 "Deep inside our hearts, we already know what makes us happy. We just need to allow ourselves to imagine and dream big."

What would You love if money, time, experience, education, your gender or background were not a factor?


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