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The Monkey Mind And Meditation

Wednesday, February 7, 2018
         The Monkey Mind And Meditation     Some may find the term, “monkey mind”, upsetting, derogatory, and insulting. That is a shame, as the point is completely lost, the ego is involved, and a natural human defense goes up. After all, we are supposed to be the “king of the primates,” aren’t we?   The first time I heard the expression, “monkey mind” being used in regard to meditation, I thought of Swayambhunath Stupa, in Kathmandu, Nepal. Sometimes, this is called, the “monkey temple,” and it made me laugh to myself, as monkeys need supervision in human ... Read More

Meditation Also Gives Something Else

Monday, February 5, 2018
  Meditation Also Gives Something Else     I am very passionate about meditation and its benefits, anyone who knows me can attest to that.  It is so much a part of me that I really cannot imagine living my life without it and I give it a plug whenever an opportunity to do so comes up. Some of the greatest benefits for me have been my ability to tap into 'my lake of inner peace' whenever I need to, my connection with, and to, Spirit and Universal Energy, achievement of greater clarity and balance at the end of each session, and a sense of overall well-being. Meditation also gave me something else.   The meditation journey ... Read More

3 Characteristics Of The Mind Of An Entrepreneur

Friday, February 2, 2018
3 Characteristics Of The Mind Of An Entrepreneur                  Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs and home business owners possess the following characteristics.  Do you?      1. Do You Have Self-Confidence? This is the magical power of having confidence in you and in your strengths and abilities.   This is not bravado, braggery or conceit; it is an unshakeable belief in YOU! 2. Are You Focused & Achievement Oriented? Results are gained by focused and sustained effort. You concentrate on achieving a specific goal, not just acco ... Read More

3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind…About Money

Monday, January 29, 2018
3 Secrets That Will Change Your Mind...   About Money                                                                   You can manifest more money by making a study of these three powerful principles. As you take the time to contemplate on them you will find your outlook on money does change. Manifesting money is a state of new creative thinking with specific ... Read More

Place Wings On Your Dreams

Friday, January 26, 2018
 Place Wings On Your Dreams   We Need Dreams Dreams are important. I’m not talking about the dreams you have when you are sleeping. I'm talking about the dreams you have for your life and your future -- the dreams that keep you going -- the dreams that make each day worth living. Dreams Are Not Enough As important as dreams are, they alone are not enough. Why you ask? Dreams do not take you where you want to go. A dream needs wings -- to become a tangible vision -- a passion that will take you where you REALLY want to be.   Bethany Hamilton lives in Hawaii -- her passion is surfing -- her dream is to become a ... Read More

You Have Power Within You

Thursday, January 25, 2018
You Have Power Within You     I have heard it said before that some people live ninety years and others live one year ninety times. The major difference is that those living their years to the fullest are living their dream lives. We are all capable of living our dream lives when we open ourselves up to opportunities and possibilities.   We have been programmed to look at conditions and circumstances to determine what the opportunities and possibilities are for our lives The conditions can be very limiting when viewed with just the five senses. When we operate outside the standard senses and use intuition, imagination, and perception we are able to see more c ... Read More

Your Discontent

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Your Discontent…Honor It   We do not always know what our life’s purpose or journey is supposed to be or we may have so many dreams we feel overwhelmed with all of them. However, one thing is for certain: if we are feeling restless or discontent we are not living our dreams! The feelings of discontent and longing for a better life, even when we may not know yet what it is we are being drawn towards, are actually calls from The Universe to pursue our greater good. We discover our true desire by first noticing our discontent.   When you notice discontent or feel restless and you are not sure why, don’t shut it out just because you do not know what i ... Read More

Progressing From Impossible To Possible

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Progressing From Impossible To Possible     I stumbled upon this powerful true story and wanted to take a moment to share it with you... George Danzig was a mathematics grad student at a time when jobs were very, very difficult to find in the United States.   His math professor, who was the head of the mathematics department, said to the grad students that whoever got the best grade on the final exam had the opportunity to be hired as his research assistant for the next year.   That job was a great job. Everybody wanted the job. George said that he studied so hard for that test that he was up until the middle of the night and overslept ... Read More

Life Is A Gift

Monday, January 22, 2018
Life Is A Gift   Here is an awesome story I’d like to share with you!   A group of scientists after having discovered the secrets of cloning decided that they wanted to have a conference with God to tell God He/She was no longer needed. Yes, God had created humanity and all of life, in fact, from the very dust of the earth. However, science had taken over the job now and God could retire.   So the top scientists in the world gathered together and they requested a conference with God to inform that He/She was no longer required.   God said, “Explain this all to me.”   The scientists said, “We now know h ... Read More

Activate Your Abundance In 4 Steps

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Activate Your Abundance In 4 Steps     Here is some Great News: You get to choose and design the kind of life you are going to live.   Some people live ninety years; some people live one year ninety times, which category do you fit into? You can live a life fueled by discontent and turmoil, or you can live a life overflowing with gratitude abundance.   What kind of life would you love to be living? Here are 4 steps you can take to Activate your Abundance…Now   Step 1: Ask yourself this question, “Am I willing to live in abundance?”   There are two houses, one that has electricity and one that do ... Read More

Access To Your Genius

Saturday, January 20, 2018
Access To Your Genius   There was a study done not too long ago at Harvard called the Zero Point study that was a ten yearlong study on genius.   The genius capacity is demonstrated by those individuals that bring forth great ideas, transformational thinking, movement, social change, innovative ideas that transform and move us to a whole new level of living.   What is this capacity?   The researchers began to define genius as the number of modalities with which a person takes in information, processes that information and makes use of it.   So, you and I have many modalities with which we can take in information – visual ... Read More

Your Sense of Deserving…Increase That

Friday, January 19, 2018
Your Sense of Deserving… Increase That   In order to manifest our dreams into our reality, we must align our self-image and energetic vibration with the vibration of the life we would love to be living.   If your sense of deserving is not big enough to hold your dream, you will fall short…every time.   How do you know if you deserve your dream?  Are you are breathing? Then you deserve to have your heart’s desire.  Simply by the truth of you being alive you are deserving and worthy of your dream.   You would not feel the longing and discontent if you didn’t have the capacity to manifest your dream into y ... Read More

Did You Choose A Dream That Is Worthy Of You?

Thursday, January 18, 2018
Did You Choose A Dream That Is Worthy Of You?   It is crucially important that the dream or goal we put our energy into is one that is in complete alignment with our purpose and our core values.   Geoffrey Avert said that, “The most important thing about having a goal is having one.” The same goes for your dream. You must first establish your dream, and ensure that this dream is a good fit for you before it can be manifested into your reality. It should pass the test before you place your energy around it.   Here are five important questions that you can ask to test your dream and determine whether or not your dream is worthy of your preciou ... Read More

Life's Teller

Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Life’s Teller   Will Your Dream Happen? The Two Determining Factors.   A middle-aged man walked into a bank.  He approached the teller and asked, “Will you cash this check?”    The teller looked at the check. “Sure, I can cash the check. I just need you to put your name on the back of it, hand it to me, and I will give you the money.”   The man stepped back and said, “Whoa, wait a minute! I don't want to put my name on the back of that check and hand it to you. You'll be holding my check with my name on it and you might decide not to give me the money.”   “Well ... Read More

Your Ignited Desire

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
 Your Ignited Desire Making the decision to dream big can be a scary thought for many of us, and yet it’s the path that leads us to living a life that we absolutely love, by our own design.   What if you gave yourself permission to dream beyond your current reality? Where could these thoughts take you? What would you do? What does that look like for you?   Taking the three steps that follow below can help you begin building your dream life… Right Now!   1.      Love & Honor Your Discontent.    Discontent is a direct signal from our soul that something much bigger is seeking to e ... Read More

Crossing The Threshold of Fear

Monday, January 15, 2018
Crossing The Threshold of Fear   For additional information  Click Here     We know now that the Universe reads our intentions by the thoughts that we are thinking - whatever we focus our attention on. One of the most important skills You can acquire is self-management of fears. This tool of managing the amount of energy we feed to our fears is critical because it allows us to redirect that energy in the direction of creating our dreams. We all have fear and doubts.  In many instances this is just the result of societies programming and cumulative results from the beginning of time - which we are ... Read More

I Have Made The Decision Not To Criticize

Sunday, January 14, 2018
I Have Made The Decision Not To Criticize Anyone   For additional information  Click Here       "I have made the decision not to criticize anyone  - including myself."    Many years ago there was a study that concluded that approximately ninety-nine percent of all babies in the world operate at what is called "Genius Level" for the first year and a half to two years of their lives. Each one of us must go through this learning curve in order to discover that we can actually control our hands and feet and you actually see little babies looking at their h ... Read More


Saturday, January 13, 2018
Opportunity Every day we have the opportunity to make a positive impact - no matter how great or how small.  I want to hear what you've done today/yesterday that you are proud of - that you know made a small (or great) difference!  ~ Bryan Shumway     ?? Life is an amazingly beautiful journey of opportunities. It begins with the knowing that you have a heart, and whatever desires belong to that heart,can be fulfilled using the mind. ?? You can absolutely achieve anything you want! Things you may have never thought were possible for you...Experiences of all kinds, whether it's work, family, rela ... Read More

Go To The Edge Of The Light That You See

Friday, January 12, 2018
Go To The Edge Of The Light That You See   For additional information  Click Here Now that you have completed Part 1 - Your Destiny's Design, you should have in mind a solid vision for your dream. If you haven't read through Your Destiny's Design as yet, or are still uncertain about your purpose and the direction you are going by all means, visit our website and schedule a complimentary strategy session, which will help you get clear on exactly where you are, your life's purpose and what you would love to create.       √ Whatever conditions or circu ... Read More

Your Destiny's Design

Thursday, January 11, 2018
  Your Destiny's Design Building a unique vision for your life begins with the understanding and inner recognition of your passions, life purpose, talents and the values which you hold closest to your heart.  This creates a solid foundation for you to design a Vision for your life that will motivate, inspire you and serve the highest good every single day. As you get more familiar with the inner workings of transformation you will begin to connect the dots between your true purpose, values and passions and notice how it forms a  kind of pathway for your life. It will facilitate a greater flow of vitality and energy which will increase at a much more rap ... Read More
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