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Ways To Untangle Your Mind

Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Ways To Untangle Your Mind   For additional information  Click Here   1. Accept what is. Very often we don't know how to move past the issues that concern us. If only we could learn to accept. The question is how do we recognize the worry and what do we do about it. Well, we must accept and have confidence over our worries. We must realize that every thing that we see, whether it be animal, person, plant or inanimate object is a reflection of our thoughts and actions as a collective race of human beings. Our thoughts create our reality. Once we have made this realization, it gets easier to process what is going on around us and ... Read More

Before You Allow Yourself To Become Overwhelmed

Tuesday, January 9, 2018
QUOTE FOR THE DAY: Before you allow yourself to become overwhelmed, just remember that there is a solution to everything that we perceive as a problem. Place your panic on hold and allow yourself to be open to finding a solution. Learn to be receptive, to be an empty cup the Universe can fill with its abundance. A higher frequency is more compatible with answers, solutions, insight, inspiration and enthusiasm. It is a way of taking the limited mind and moving it into the genius mind where any answer is available. In short, your solution will not come from the mind that doesn’t believe it’s possible, or the mind that is convinced conditions ... Read More

5 Steps To The Best Version Of...YOU

Monday, January 8, 2018
5 Steps To The Best Version Of...YOU   For additional information  Click Here Changing Your Results Is An Inside - Out Job, Look Inside First  At the core of personal development/growth is self-awareness and understanding. Transformation is about shifting beliefs and life-long programming rather than simply stabbing at symptomatic issues. 5 Steps To Your Best YOU Developing your Five Areas of Self will power your journey towards personal development and growth.   1. Self-Love We are taught to “love our neighbor as we love our self”. I will tell you this, ... Read More

What is Your Problem? Solve it Now

Sunday, January 7, 2018
What is Your Problem? Solve it Now For additional information  Click Here   Solve Any Problem With 3 Questions    We all know the importance of applying effort and self-control to move beyond any perceived problem that stands in our way. However, some problems call for more than sheer determination...they require you to pause, take a step back and apply some Mental Power. If you are faced with an obstacle like this, pull out your pen and a piece of paper and write it all down...STAT. When you write down any perceived problem on paper, you pull all of the negative emotion and energy right out of it. With the emotion removed, you can look a ... Read More

Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Why Successful People Leave Their Loser Friends Behind  For additional information  Click Here   We all want to be amazing. We all want to be successful, happy, and regarded as important figures in our fields. I am sure that you’ve heard all of the keys to success before: planning, hard work, perseverance, etc. But today we are going to look at the one factor that will likely make or break your success: the people you surround yourself with. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn      Want to be Amazing? Surround Yourself with Amazing Peopl ... Read More

13 Building Blocks To Living A Grateful Life

Friday, January 5, 2018
13 Building Blocks To Living A Grateful Life. For additional information:Click Here   What Are 13 Building Blocks To Living A Grateful Life  Gratitude is the highest frequency You can tune in to if you want to attract wonderful things into your life. Have an Attitude of Gratitude every day and watch your world shift. Here are 13 Building Blocks that you can start using Today to step towards a more Fulfilling & Grateful Life! 1) Appreciate Everything:  Start by taking stock of everything you have right now and appreciating it deeply. When someone is not grateful for something coming into their life - someth ... Read More
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