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Crossing The Threshold of Fear

Monday, January 15, 2018 at 12:00 AM
Category: Action Steps

Crossing The Threshold of Fear


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We know now that the Universe reads our intentions by the thoughts that we are thinking - whatever we focus our attention on.

One of the most important skills You can acquire is self-management of fears.

This tool of managing the amount of energy we feed to our fears is critical because it allows us to redirect that energy in the direction of creating our dreams.

We all have fear and doubts. 
In many instances this is just the result of societies programming and cumulative results from the beginning of time - which we are born in to and inherit from past generations.
For this reason, many of us live in fear and anxiety and are unaware that we are just carrying them over from our parents and ancestors. Some of us are able to process these 
thoughts and emotions and work WITH them to achieve the highest possible goals and for others, these fears are very real and create stagnant energy where there is nothing but 
despair, tiredness and other lower vibrational thought patterns. However, people who are successful at achieving their goals do so Not in the Absence of fear, but in the Presence of 
their fears.

What are 5 fears that you experience in relationship to your goals? 
(For example - a fear of beginning a new project or taking a new job, a fear of making mistakes, fear of failure, rejection, a fear of being hurt or poor etc.)

Every single human being has been awarded the gift of creativity. This creative capacity exists deep within the mind and the heart, because with the ability to transfer love in to 
creativity, coupled with the skills of imagination, reason, perception, willpower and memory we are separated as a species from all others.

By now you may have heard the expression
"Fall 7 times stand up 8."

Don't you ever be afraid of making mistakes or failure.
We learn by the number of mistakes we are willing to make.

Henry Ford once said, "Failure is just the opportunity to begin again... This time More Intelligently."



And yet...most of us stay within our safety zone where we only use these capacities minimally - in a safe and rather boring and ordinary way rather than attempt to reach past our limits to find something more than what we have, more than what we can do, more than we can give, more than we can become etc.

  • In your chosen area of Health, Vocation, Time Freedom, Money Freedom and Relationships list 5 experiences in which you chose Not to continue due to failure or fear of 
    something else.
  • Are you willing to retry any of these now?
  • List 3 things that you think you are missing out on as a direct result of feeding your fears and allowing them to take control.

Always remember that Faith in yourself comes as the result of watching your thoughts, deciding what serves your dreams/aspirations/goals and taking Consistent Daily Action Steps in spite of your fears - for fears only determine the distance we are willing to go - NOT our actual results.


Thank you so much for reading.

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