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Depression: WTF?!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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Depression: WTF?!



Right now, millions and millions of people worldwide are in the middle of an episode of depression.


Some have the incapacitating symptoms of what doctors call major depression. These symptoms usually require professional attention because they are very severe and demoralizing. Feeling hopeless and worthless, a person with major depression may sleep and eat irregularly…and that is just for starters.


In the throes of severe depression, it is hard to concentrate, make decisions, or find the energy to do much of anything. Thoughts of suicide are common for many.


Depression refers to a state of mind that is purely negative, with an inclination to decreased self-worth and a hopeless lack of interest to do anything, to include living.


If someone has minor depression, however, their problem is more manageable. Experts say that people who have some minor depression will feel lousy about themselves and lousy about their lives, however, they are still managing to function at a high level.


In fact, some of the ways of overcoming the blues are related to what you do as well as what you feel.

Here are some ways that you can prepare your body and mind to help prevent minor depression:


1. Place some spring in your step.


Regular exercise may be the most powerful natural antidepressant available to any of us. It is highly advisable that you, at the very least, take a brisk walk on a regular basis. Exercise helps generate the release of chemicals in the brain called endorphins. When endorphin levels are low, depression occurs. Exercise also oxygenates the brain, keeping it healthy.


How much should you exercise? Thirty minutes, three-five days a week, at moderate intensity, is a nice level to aim for to help prevent the brain imbalances that can make you vulnerable to depression.


2. Nourish your brain.


Most definitely any nutrient deficiency can result in impaired mental function, including depression. To help prevent depression, health experts recommend that people should take high-potency multivitamins or mineral supplements. This will supply the brain with enough nutrients to keep it properly functioning and assists in avoiding some mental disorders such as depression.


3. Get plenty of sleep.


Getting less than eight hours of sleep, night after night, may lower levels of the chemical in the brain known as “serotonin,” which can also make you more likely to develop depression. To sleep well, health practitioners recommend going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, including the weekends. Yes, I know, however, you Do want to feel better…don’t you?


Relax before bedtime, perhaps with a hot bath or shower. Meditate, again, Meditate. For the soundest sleep, keep your bedroom quiet and dark.


4. Consider some alternate explanations to your situation.


Your emotions, whether they are positive or negative, are not created by situations themselves, they are created by the way you interpret those situations.  A very common situation can turn into a reason for massive worry unless you take mental steps to prevent it.


Imagine that a friend is scheduled to pick you up so that the two of you can go somewhere and do something fun together. Now, just suppose that time passes, and your friend does not arrive, as they said they would. Your feelings change, quite literally, from moment to moment, as do your thoughts. If at first you think of your friend as being insensitive and irresponsible, you will find yourself feeling angry at them. If you find yourself thinking that perhaps something bad has happened to them, you will naturally become concerned and worried. If you think that this person does not care much about you and that is why they are late, you will feel rejected, lonely, even depressed.


Although the situation does not change, your friend is still not there, you can have a whole range of feelings and thoughts, depending on how you choose to interpret that event.


For this reason, experts claim that situations are usually ambiguous, open to any interpretation. Therefore, your interpretation absolutely creates your feelings about the situation. Positive interpretations lead to good feelings and enjoyment; negative interpretations lead to bad feelings and depression. To stay on the positive side, look for the positive interpretations.


Indeed, depressions can be very destructive if it is neglected. The best way to stop the development of depression is to always put a bright light on any problem as it develops and create a positive outlook for your life.



See The Silver Lining Through The Clouds!

Bryan Shumway


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