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Hey! Chill Out And Enjoy Life

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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Hey! Chill Out And Enjoy Life


Can you remember your childhood days? Of course you can. During those times, nothing  seemed complicated yet – all we had to think about were crayons, cookies, playing outside or Santa Claus. We did not care about the things we didn’t know because we were just oblivious of the things that might bother us.


However, as we grow older, we become anxious with the things that surround us – life and death, loving and parting, success and failure, just to name a few. We come to find that almost every day we are obliged to be concerned about people or events.


Always keep this in mind: Do not treat things as if they are responsible for the way you feel. Events or situations do not trouble you. How you react to them does.


If you miss those carefree days, you just have to look back and remember how you used to view things then, and you will know what to do now, you just forgot. I created this guide to help make sure you w lose your way:


Cherish the simple things: Trust in the power of a smile or laughter, a kiss or a hug. Believe in kindness, honesty, dreams, and imagination. Living positively is the first step to becoming happy. Be grateful for all that you have right now.


Loosen up and chill the hell out. Learn to laugh at your mistakes and stop taking yourself so seriously…nobody else does. You might remember the time when you were delivering a speech and your mind went completely blank right in the middle of delivering it. It is embarrassing. But most likely, your audience forgot about it in a day or two. We all mess up occasionally. The good new here is that most people tend to forget such situations.


Surround yourself with what you love: Get a pet or embrace a hobby. Retain pictures and videos as keepsakes. Keep away from those things that drag you down and deplete your energy. If that high-paying job causes you to cringe at the thought of having to go to work, then you should find a job that you love doing…and then quit. If someone tries to force you to comply, even if you think of doing otherwise, stay away from that person and do not keep their company.


Do not put off, (Procrastinate): Go on that trip. Get your Master’s Degree. Start that dream business. You will never know the extent of your life. Do something now, while you can.


Do not push yourself too hard trying to please everyone else: This is just insanity thinking and you just cannot. Besides, it never seems to be worth it anyway. When you want to make somebody’s day, start with yourself and your loved ones. You will lose yourself if you try to please everybody all of the time.


Keep fit and healthy: Be that attractive person you have always pictured yourself to be. Cherish your health. It is the best way of showing the universe that you are putting your best foot forward.


Do not assume…Anything: Do not worry about forgetting your speech before you actually do the damn thing, you will probably surprise yourself. Do not worry about not getting that job you want because you might mess up at the interview. It is good to notice and be prepared for what could be the worst case scenario; however, do not place yourself in a place where you are expecting only the worst. 


Change your way of thinking: When you feel like you are being ridiculed, criticized about your family background, or condemned for past mistakes, allow it to fall upon deaf ears. Do not believe everything you hear. You know yourself better than everybody else does. Never allow yourself to wallow in your own self-pity.


Remember: Do not get upset over things just because it is how most people would react when faced with the same situation. When you find yourself being negative – angry, down, jealous, etc. – you also unknowingly drain your energy and enthusiasm. You just have to work on keeping these negative feelings cleared from your mind, because giving in to these feelings could make you very unreasonable, and you most certainly will end up making bad decisions in your life.


Happiness is always within your grasp.
You can always attain it, as long as you remember how.



Wishing You Love And Happiness!
Bryan Shumway



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