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Meditation Also Gives Something Else

Monday, February 5, 2018 at 12:00 AM


Meditation Also Gives Something Else



I am very passionate about meditation and its benefits, anyone who knows me can attest to that.  It is so much a part of me that I really cannot imagine living my life without it and I give it a plug whenever an opportunity to do so comes up.

Some of the greatest benefits for me have been my ability to tap into 'my lake of inner peace' whenever I need to, my connection with, and to, Spirit and Universal Energy, achievement of greater clarity and balance at the end of each session, and a sense of overall well-being.

Meditation also gave me something else.


The meditation journey for me involved profound inner change as I allowed myself to step into enlightenment. Once that door was opened for me, well, that was it… No turning back...ever! I was not expecting that pleasant surprise.


Enlightenment, for me, is such a strange thing, and of course is many things to many people.  When I stepped into this state of being, I waited for the big fireworks to begin, hear the blaring trumpets and the voice of God (which I sometimes imagined would be kind of booming and earth shattering!). I am not really sure what else I expected but what I experienced was a deep sense of stillness and oneness. The door opened, I stepped through the doorway, and how I perceived life and my purpose here changed forever. The clarity with which I saw things in that moment almost blinded me – yet it was so gentle and kind.


This did not mean to say I ceased doing mundane things such as housework, paying bills, cooking and cleaning, etc. No, unfortunately that continued on and continues to this day and will in the future as well. Nope, for me enlightenment meant that I simply knew things and accepted them as they are; some may call this ‘Truth’


I believe that Truth or Enlightenment is the space of knowing absolutely everything about all things at the exact same time without pinpointing one solitary thing.


Truth is much like acknowledging anything really, in a passive way. Words are completely inadequate in describing this sense of being. All I can say is that it is simply too HUGE to explain with words but it is something that I experience whenever I meditate or still my mind.


This does not mean that I am immune to daily issues; however I am not impacted by them to the same degree as I was before either. I can honestly say that while there is chaos that reigns around me I can easily tap into ‘my lake of inner peace’. It has helped me through the many trials and tribulations that I call my life. I thank myself and the Universe daily that I started practicing meditation when I did.


The beauty of it is that meditation is open to anyone who is willing to put in the time and practice (it took me a few months to really get going). Once you begin this journey, you will notice how much more peaceful, centered and balanced you have become. 


I have often heard someone say… "I'd love to meditate because of my anxiety and stress levels, however I have absolutely no time..."


If you feel you have next to no time, which many do not have and sometimes I don't – however you would really love to begin meditating because you believe that there are benefits for doing so, please consider this… Three minutes is the duration of a passing conversation with a work colleague at the elevator door or water cooler, three minutes browsing through a magazine at the store checkout or news stand, or three minutes admiring a merchandise display inside your favorite store. You could do a three minute breath meditation, three minutes of journal writing, three minutes focusing on an object, or even take a three minute walk. See! In next to no time at all you could be meditating and accessing your own ‘lake of inner peace’! 


Meditation could bring about profound changes in your life too, as well as help you achieve overall well-being, peacefulness, clarity and balance, and a deep connection to Spirit, Universal Energy and Yourself. There are over 7 billion people on this planet so your experience will be different than mine and others’.


If you have never tried meditation before, why not try it sometime soon, you just might thoroughly enjoy the benefits it can bring into your own life.

Become Enlightened!
Bryan Shumway




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