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Meditation And The “No Time” Lie

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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And The “No Time” Lie




Meditation is an ancient ritual that is perfect for individuals who are seeking peace, quiet, and inner reflection in their daily lives. However, most individuals honestly and mistakenly believe they do not have the appropriate time to devote to meditation. This practice does not require a special room and hours upon hours of inner reflection to be properly executed to receive the greatest results. In fact, meditation can be done in any quiet corner, including your living room, office, hotel room, or even on an airplane. In order to achieve the proper meditation in some of these places, you may also need to practice other certain techniques or bring along special devices that will assist in blocking noises and ensure quiet for your designated meditation time.


Consider joining a meditation group so that you can effectively learn the methods of meditation before you attempt to meditate in unusual and less than optimal surroundings. The techniques and methods you learn from an experienced and qualified meditation instructor will help you accomplish your own personal goals of meditation and inner exploration.


Meditation does not have to be incredibly time consuming. Make a commitment to dedicate a few minutes each day to your meditation goals and spend some time reflecting inward. When you first awake in the mornings are excellent times to begin your day with meditation. You are the most at ease during this time and your house is probably at the quietest it will be for the day. Consider waking up before the rest of your household does to grab a few much needed minutes alone so you can successfully complete your meditation process. This is absolutely critical for both moms and dads who find it highly challenging to meditate amidst the noises and demands of their children who have no understanding that you just need a freaking break.


When you are constantly on the go, do not leave your meditation practices at home… One more time…Do Not Leave Your Meditation Practices At Home!  Consider purchasing yourself a pair of noise canceling headphones to block out background noises on trains, planes, or automobiles. This will allow you the greatest sense of peace and quiet so that you can continue with your meditation techniques. Bring along a special meditation soundtrack of music to which you can also utilize to block out unnecessary background noise in order to better meditate.


Meditation can be an excellent way to unwind after a long day of traveling, so consider taking time to practice your techniques once you reach your destination. For individuals who are constantly calling hotel rooms their home, as I did myself for many years, it can be very easy to miss your personal meditation space. For this reason, carry a small token or a few items with you wherever you go that remind you of home. This will assist in keeping you grounded and centered while you are away. Consider bringing a favorite blanket, pillow, or mat to assist you in your meditation practice. Also, be sure to bring along a photograph of your family or friends to help with any homesickness.


Use scents to transport yourself to a more serene world. Aromatherapy has been used in partnership with meditation for thousands of years. Consider beginning your meditation with the comforting or exotic smells of incense or candles. For individuals on the go, consider bringing along travel candles or a vial of essential oil that you can leave open to escape into the atmosphere of the room.

It does not matter where you are… there is Always time for meditation. Once we recognize that this perception of “No Time” is actually a lie that we tell ourselves and we become creative in finding ways to still have our meditation practice, we will embrace meditation and utilize its power on a daily basis…wondering why we ever thought we did not have the time.

The Time Is Now!
Bryan Shumway

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