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What is Your Problem? Solve it Now

Sunday, January 7, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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What is Your Problem? Solve it Now

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Solve Any Problem With 3 Questions  
We all know the importance of applying effort and self-control to move beyond any perceived problem that stands in our way. However, some problems call for more than sheer determination...they require you to pause, take a step back and apply some Mental Power.

If you are faced with an obstacle like this, pull out your pen and a piece of paper and write it all down...STAT. When you write down any perceived problem on paper, you pull all of the negative emotion and energy right out of it. With the emotion removed, you can look at the obstacle with a better focused mind. You can figure out what you did that was right, what you did that was wrong, and how to change it.

Here is a tool that anyone can use for ANY perceived problem:

Take out a pen/pencil and a piece of paper. First, draw a line down the middle of the paper, top to bottom. Next, focus on the perceived problem that you are seeking a solution to. In the left-side column on your paper, write down this perceived detail. We all have got so much distraction going on in our minds that you may find it difficult to stay focused this particular problem. Just write it down the best you can.

On the right-side column of the paper, you are going to write down some solutions to your perceived problem. I know, I know, you are most likely saying to yourself right now..."If I had the solutions, I would not be reading this." The great news is that there are three questions you can ask yourself that will help you to create those solutions, to solve almost any problem.


3 Questions To Ask Yourself

The first question to ask yourself is: 
What can I do, right now, from where I am at, with what I already have? 
There is really not much need to look any further than this if you can find the solution to the problem yourself. Write down any ideas and options that come to your mind. Think of some alternatives. Then look over what you wrote down and analyze “OK, number two? I'm not sure about that one. How about number four…no, that one would take way too long to accomplish. Alright, let me look at number one, maybe my first gut response is my best choice”.

If the first question does not create a solution, then ask yourself this second problem-solving question: 
What could I read that may provide a solution? 
Quite possibly there is a book that covers your problem. Somebody may have spent their lifetime figuring out a solution to this same problem. You could absorb the instant benefit of this person’s knowledge and advice if you just take the time to look. What if it is precisely written somewhere? There is no need to reinvent the wheel here. If you do the homework, you just might find the solution. Take notes on what you are reading. Use your notes to determine which book represents your problem the best, ie: Book number one: No, this is not even close. Book number two: This author is insane. Book number three: This author has some insightful things to say about this particular problem.

If you are still having difficulty creating a solution, then ask question number three: 
Who could I speak to and ask?
You should have your notes ready when you ask somebody to help you... show them your notes. You can start by saying something like, “I have tried my best to figure this out myself, and it has left me stumped. Here are my notes and some of the books that I have read. I have researched this problem, and I still have no solution. Is there any way that you could assist me?” You would not believe how willing people will be to assist you if they know that you are willing to help yourself first.

I promise you, if you use this tool and ask these questions when you are seeking a solution to a perceived problem that you are facing, you will be able to create a solution to just about any obstacle that stands in your way.

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