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What Would You Love?

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 12:00 AM
Category: Life Coaching

What Would You Love?


I am going to ask you a question. The only requirement for your answer is that you choose to be 100% honest with yourself when you reply. Remember...YOU are the only one who knows if you are being truthful or not.

Here is the question...

That life you have been longing for and dreaming about for a very long time now...are you living it yet? Or, does it always seem to be just out of your reach and no matter what you try, nothing Ever changes for you and often becomes worse? Yes, you may have experienced short little burst of "good luck" as some may call it however, life always seems to take you right back to doom, despair, fear and has you always chasing after your tail. Aren't you tired of running on that damn hamster wheel yet, or would you like to keep running? Here is the truth...unless you take a step, any step, toward that life you have been longing for, More of that wheel is Exactly what you are going to receive in your life, THAT is a Universal Law! Take a good look around you at the results you have created in your life, up until now. Go ahead, take a look, the results are there for you to see and they do not lie. Are you happy with what you have created? This is completely your doing. Or, are you left with this longing for more in your life? More love, joy, peace, happiness, good health, great relationships, abundance and freedom. I am not saying that you do not have any of these things in your life now. I am asking you though, if all of these things always show up in Every area of your life. Statistically, the answer is No.

Here is where you get to make a choice for yourself, so open your mind and pay close attention. You can choose to live the same year you have been living, over and over, up until now, and will continue to live, over and over, until the day you leave here. Without judgement, if that is what works for you, you go ahead and do you and you are still loved. Or, starting right now, from right where you are, with what you have right now, you could make a choice to step toward the life you are longing for and live a brand new and exciting year, every year. Where life is ever expanding and the results you create are beyond anything you ever imagined. You CAN truly live the life that you have been dreaming of, in every way, and even more. What you may not realize is that you are far more powerful than anything you see in front of you right now. You just forgot and became separated from your True Self somewhere along the way. It is not your fault that you forgot. It is, however, your fault from this point forward, if you take the truth that you have just been reminded of and do absolutely nothing with it in your life.

I am sure there are some that may be thinking to yourself at this point, "Ok, that is all well and good Bryan, I have been reminded of the truth that I forgot, now what do I do with it?" Well, the truth here is this..if it were easy to create lasting life changes on our own, we all would have done that by now, It requires assistance from someone who believes in your higher potential, even when you cannot, such as a coach, teacher or mentor. This is where I can assist you. I will guide and teach you how to discover your True Self & Purpose and unleash that Higher Potential that lies within each and every one of us. Yes, we ALL are here with a unique purpose! There is not a single one of us here on earth that was meant to suffer in any way...NOT ONE! Allow me to help you find your True Self and your True Purpose for being here...yes, YOU do have a purpose!

Are you ready?

If you are willing to have faith in yourself and do things differently than you have done them, up until now, to step in the direction of your dream life, then I would love to give you a gift of our most precious commodity...Time. I want to help you get started in the direction of what will truly make your life meaningful, fulfilling and happy. Therefore, I am offering you 45-60 minutes with me, one-on-one, in a Life Discovery Session. If you are finished with running on that hamster wheel in your life and are ready to become your True Authentic Self with Absolute Purpose...then we should talk! Together, we will discover the real you and your true purpose and passion. Then, we will formulate a plan of action, that you can move forward with from where you are right now, in the direction of that life that has always just been out of your reach. This session is a gift of love from me and costs you nothing, so honestly, what do you have to lose?

So, if YOU are ready to create real and lasting life changes for yourself, here is what you do.... Click on the link below, this will take you to my online calendar, choose a day and time that best fits your schedule, actually schedule the session (your ego will tell you that you do not need do), follow the instructions in your confirmation...It is that simple!

I am looking forward to speaking with you about what you would love to create in your life!  Don't hesitate...
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