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Your Destiny's Design

Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 12:00 AM
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Your Destiny's Design

Building a unique vision for your life begins with the understanding and inner recognition of your passions, life purpose, talents and the values which you hold closest to your heart. 
This creates a solid foundation for you to design a Vision for your life that will motivate, inspire you and serve the highest good every single day.
As you get more familiar with the inner workings of transformation you will begin to connect the dots between your true purpose, values and passions and notice how it forms a 
kind of pathway for your life. It will facilitate a greater flow of vitality and energy which will increase at a much more rapid rate which will lift your vibrational frequency and allow 
you to very quickly attract more results which are in alignment with your vision.

Your purpose is like the wings of the airplane. It lifts you up and propels you much more easily through the sometimes cloudy journey of day to day life. When you know what your purpose is it 
can make many of your decisions in this life much easier to make. However, once you have decided on your purpose in life, it can also awaken what are known as paradigms. 
Paradigms are the stories we tell ourselves about a particular situation.
It is so easy and so very human to get stuck here. But don't allow that to happen. 
Always remember that you are unique and will never be another person just like you to walk on this earth. 
It is so easy to define your purpose and once you do so, you will gain a more expanded feeling of clarity, focus and direction in your life. 
Becoming more aware of this purpose will connect you with a higher more infinite side of yourself.

We have developed a five step process for exploring your purpose and designing your vision. It begins with assessing your core values, exploring the things that truly make your 
heart sing, cause a feelings of joy and positive energy, and taking inventory of all the good in your life as well as personal assets.

Step 1:
What are your values? 

What is most important to you? 
Values are beliefs that determine and guide your behavior. They are what matter the most to us, whether it be family, integrity, the love in our lives, faith etc. and they shape our 
decision making process and our actions. If you want to determine on what your core values are, grab a pen and paper and after asking yourself the question "What is most 
important to me?" Begin by writing down 10 of your core values, then going back and circling 5 of the most important ones.

Step 2: 
Decide on your Passions

What exactly is it that excites you and gives you lots of energy and life? 
What makes you happy? Our passions give us that internal burning desire to succeed. 
It becomes the fuel to our personal engine.

Examples would be: 
"I care about animals and the environment." 
"I love fitness, yoga and pushing myself past my personal limits."
"I love to sing and perform on stage for people." 
"People say that I give great advice and I love to help others with their problems."

Again, list 10 things that you are passionate about and then select 5 of the most exciting prospects.

Step 3: 
What are your personal assets?

Society has been trained to think of the word "assets" from the physical perspective, ie money, property, securities etc. 
What we really must do is take stock of our non-physical assets. These include talents, skills, character, gifts and qualities. 
What do other people say you are good at? Has anyone ever said you are a good leader, listener, teacher, writer, athlete etc? 
Another way of approaching this would be with the question: 
"Given a list of all of my talents, gifts, skills and interests, in what way do I make the world a better place?"

Once again, make a list of 10 talents, gifts, skills etc and narrow them down to about 5.

Step 4: 
What will you leave behind?

We all know that there will be a time where we lay our heads down on the pillow for the very last time. 
How do you want to be remembered? What are some of the amazing accomplishments you have made? What will people say about you? 
Looking back on your will you be celebrated? 
This exercise is very much like writing your own eulogy. Sit very quietly and write down what people would have said about you, how will you be remembered?

Step 5: 
Fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

After carefully going through the first 4 steps ask yourself these questions: "What does this reveal about me? What is my purpose? Sit quietly and listen. 
Write down everything that comes to mind without self editing or censorship of any kind. Next, you want to read through that and narrow it down to about 2-3 sentences. 
This creates your "Purpose Statement" which is exactly like a mission statement for your life. Make it easy to remember so that you can recite it to yourself and others at any time.

Begin with "My purpose is...__________________________________________________"

Also note that once you finish this, it helps to set it aside for a day or so and then review it again. This is because we grow from day to day, new ways to describe something may 
come to you or you may realize that you have to go back and make a few other adjustments. Once you finalize it, notice if it resonates you on a really high level and gives you that 
feeling of YES rising up in your being. Do you feel at peace and an incredible sense of joy? If these things are present you will know that you have successfully discovered your 



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