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Your Sense of Deserving…Increase That

Friday, January 19, 2018 at 12:00 AM
Category: Unleash Your BadAss Dream Series

Your Sense of Deserving…
Increase That


In order to manifest our dreams into our reality, we must align our self-image and energetic vibration with the vibration of the life we would love to be living.


If your sense of deserving is not big enough to hold your dream, you will fall short…every time.


How do you know if you deserve your dream?  Are you are breathing? Then you deserve to have your heart’s desire.  Simply by the truth of you being alive you are deserving and worthy of your dream.


You would not feel the longing and discontent if you didn’t have the capacity to manifest your dream into your reality.


Here are 3 essential keys to increase your Sense of Deserving:


1.      Focus On The Good.


Circumstances and conditions are bad only if you perceive them as being so.  Instead of launching into a full on panic attack when life appears to throw you a curve, pause, take a deep breath and invite the Universe to reveal the good to you. Then allow yourself the same benefit of the doubt.  You are naturally good because you were created that way by the Universe.


2.      Let Go Of Past Mistakes.


It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to move forward confidently into the life you have envisioned if you are dragging around deadweight. When you persist in lugging around the baggage of your childhood, your shame or your belief that you are not good enough or are unlovable, you have no room to be open for greater possibilities. Let go of that baggage by identifying and then releasing your own Harry, (Harry is the deadweight of our past that we ALL carry around).


3.      Practice Gratitude Daily To Increase Your Sense Of Deserving.


An “Attitude of Gratitude” enables you to create and build your dream on a solid foundation of deserving. Begin by spending a day giving thanks to those you have criticized “Up Until Now”.  From there, build a routine of daily gratitude. Start and Gratitude Journal and write down the things you are grateful for…Every Day. When we begin to appreciate those we once condemned or took for granted, the field around the object of our appreciation widens, attracting to itself even greater good.

When you practice these 3 key principles, you will feel your sense of deserving grow and expand quickly. You will begin to see unexpected good things flow into your life…
Almost like Miracles.

You Are Worthy!
Bryan Shumway


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